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5.15 pm

“Social skills are as important as being good at setting type or knowing how to spell” says the Stockholm-based graphic agency and entrepreneurs extraordinaire SNASK. And they walk the walk as they talk the talk: SNASK is a graphic agency, band, publisher, brewery and bicycle designers. They will share their unique take on creative practice at Creativity World Forum - and if we are lucky, play a tune or two!

Snask // Make enemies and gain fans

Can a design agency present as a music band? Is it possible to create world-leading graphics and keep your originality and edge? Can one make enemies and gain fans?
SNASK can!

We are in for a real treat with SNASK as a part of Creativity World Forum 2017, where the will give their perspective on “People: How to cultivate and nurture your creative spirit”. That challenge highlights that creativity comes from people. If there is one thing SNASK does unequivocally, it is focusing on people: Their clients, their own people, themselves and their community. SNASK is conglomerate of people who ooze creative energy wherever they go, and they have run their very successful business like this for over a decade. Who else to bring us their hands-on perspective of ways for creative competencies business than SNASK?

Or as SNASK puts it in their manifesto:
1. If you don’t like your job – quit
2. If you love someone – let it show
3. Generosity always pays back
4. Always achieve greatness yourself before pointing out the faults and mistakes of others
5. Bureaucracy is spelled Bureaucrazy
6. Talk with clients like you talk to your family, friends and pets
7. Social skills are as important as being good at setting type or knowing how to spell
8. See people as people, not as target groups
9. Just because you wear a black suit, doesn’t mean you’re a goddamn professional
10. Having enemies is a good thing. It proves that you stood up for something sometime in your life.

We have completely fallen for these opinionated young Swedes and cannot wait to bring them to Aarhus. If you wonder, too, how this manifesto squares with running a business, join us when SNASK take the Creativity World Forum stage. While waiting for it to happen you can watch this little video-greeting from Mexico that we received from them. If you want a little something before, check out how they present themselves as “A creative agency that (literally) rocks” or get a sense of how they present from Design Indaba in 2016 “SNASK on the power of proactive branding“.