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Mikal Hallstrup is Founder and Global CEO of one of the world's most cutting edge design agencies: Designit.
He originally trained as an industrial designer at Aarhus School of Architecture before founding Designit as a product design agency.
Today, however, Designit has evolved into a strategic design firm with 15 offices around the world.

Network dinner speaker

Mikal is passionate about the power of design as a vehicle for change; how do we make the world a better place? He spends his time not only heading up Designit but speaking all over the world, inspiring people to use design to not simply make things look good but to transform products, services – and even companies – into a more human shaped world.

In addition to founding one of the world’s leading strategic design firms, Mikal spent a number of years serving as the Chairman of the jury of INDEX Award; one of the world’s most prestigious design awards that champions design for change. And he’s taught students at multiple design schools in various countries. And as a speaker, he’s inspired thousands of professionals all over the world. And…and….and….the list continues!

According to Mikal, the need for strategic design will continue to grow; the rapidly evolving digitalisation of our society means the need to understand the end-users and their needs when designing products and services only becomes that much more important. And why don’t we design whatever it is we need to design in a way that makes the world a better place while we’re at it?

Mikal will be joining us as a speaker at the Network Dinner on 1 November alongside Uffe Elbæk, party leader of the political party, The Alternative, and Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation and Supervisory Board at Carlsberg A/S.

Please note that tickets for this exclusive event must be booked separately – get your ticket here.