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4.35 pm

CEO. Familianaire. Mountaineer. Producer. With a happy, odd and adventurous mind. These are the words that most succinctly sum up the man that is Lars Lyse who heads up the innovative, Danish furniture design company, Bolia.

Lars comes to Creativity World Forum with a tale of how all is maybe not fair in love and business. With a history that involves a long and inspiring career in international retail, Lars has worked across Europe, the Middle East and Asia before picking up the mantle at Bolia and leading the way for their international expansion. He will share with us how that wasn't written in the stars, but rather a risky decision at a crucial point that propelled them forward.

Lars Lyse // Culture, Cash & Creativity

Mountains, music, more is more – and basically whatever is progressive and experimental – interests Lars. He believes that these strong impressions and feelings inspire us to express our creativity and give new energy, fantastic collections and great results. For Bolia, this has contributed to putting them in a position among the most innovative design companies and as the leader in cross-channel integration.

Bolia has won numerous awards for innovation and has been amongst the finalists in both the World Retail Awards in London as well as the European E-Commerce Award in Barcelona, ​​competing head-to-head with some of the biggest brands in the world although it is a relatively small – globally speaking – furniture brand. So how do they do it? They create spaces that are who we are.

This, and much more, is what Lars will be sharing with us at Creativity World Forum 2017. We can’t wait!