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Through short and intense talks you will experience a wide variety of professionals whom will share their view on the subject. Join this event and you will hear powerful architects, fashion designers, developers, product designers, ideas creators share important points. (NOTE: the breakout session will be in Danish).



Birk Marcus Hansen

With a passion for graphic design and video art, Birk Marcus Hansen has worked in a wide range of cross-disciplinary settings, including exhibitions and stage productions. A common feature in his professional work is an urge to challenge established paradigms within visual communication.

His working process typically has a heavy emphasis on research, history and symbolism, and he often uses graphic design as an instrument for examining and understanding concepts. Among the topics that inspire him are technological advances, geopolitics and history. His work often takes a speculative approach, and he likes to employ fiction as a framework that lets him tweak and investigate, combine and challenge key concepts, ideas and trends in contemporary society.


Mette Julie Skibsholt

Mette Julie Skibsholt moves in the tension between conceptual idea development and an in-depth aesthetic detailing where she designs her projects by focusing on the user at the same time.

Based on People in Architecture, she is a visionary architect with strong designed solutions that make a difference for people.

Mette Julie is Associate Partner and Senior Creative Leader in Arkitema, where she has a broad knowledge of the development of major construction projects, and particularly focuses on residential and business projects. In addition, she has a professorship as a judge and as a censor at the architectural schools.



René Hougaard is the owner of the ARDE design studio, which designs products in the fields of furniture, lighting and industrial design with a strong holistic understanding of the value chain behind a product.

ARDE perceives its work as a microscale architecture, where the task always is to get functionality, design and aesthetics combined. ARDE design studio pushes the limits of the possible and create new trends.


Tine Park Nygaard

Region Midtjylland is the second largest of 5 Danish administrative regions in charge of (among other things) health services to approximately 1,300,000 citizens. Despite the humble size of the Region Midtjylland, it is known as an innovative precursor.

Innovation manager in Region Midtjylland, Tine Park Nygaard, has extensive healthcare experience in both the private and public sectors and is committed to how we can create meaningful and value-creating solutions that improve life, while modernizing the public sector and creating a positive commercial bottom line. This includes public-private innovation, strategic partnerships and co-creation.


Mia Bjergegaard

Mia Bjergegaard is a graphic designer and partner in the design bureau Paper Beat Rock. When Mia founded Paper Beat Rock together with her collaborator in 2013, she made a simple principle: “No business as usual.”

At the Scandinavian Design High School, Mia Bjergegaard has workshops about typography visual design where she passes on her passion for relevant, vibrant and inspiring design that ignores current trends but follows her own way.


Jarl Christensen

Conceptmaking works with organizational innovation and concept design. The consultancy house has almost 10 years of experience in working interdisciplinary with abstract and strategic challenges. It has become characteristic for Conceptmaking that their work should also focus on supporting the innovative capacity that already exists in any organization, while simultaneously enhancing the ability of customers to continue to develop internally.

Jarl is the founder of Conceptmaking. He holds a Master in Business Innovation and Concept Development as well as a Master of Science degree.


Freya Dalsjø

Freya Dalsjø has been working as a fashion designer under her own name since 2012; Freya Dalsjø. She shows her work during the fashion week in Copenhagen twice a year, and has exhibited in London, Florence, Paris and in Milan.

Freya is interested in balancing between appropriate and inappropriate dressing, according to time and place, culture, job and status, and mixes these clothing codes to create some new ones. Freya thinks clothing is an interesting study because clothing is a communicative grip.


Tyge Vonsbæk

Designit is a global strategic design firm, who design product-service experiences,
making business transformation happen.

Tyge is managing director and works with brands, business, technology and with creating valuable experiences. He often challenges the rules to create significant changes.


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