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10.40 am

What would you expect when a famous moderator, music enthusiast and one of Denmark's most revolutionary and controversial artist comes together? It is passion - deep passion about music. Yes, you read right. Nobody less than radio host Carsten Holm from DR will have a chat with Bisse about the making of the tracks, his relationship to sound, creativity and musical inspiration. Hi-Fi Klubben is presenting this special edition of Hi-Fi Scenen artist talks at CWF.

Carsten Holm

It is not about the big things in life, what matters. Having a career in the music industry, someone might think chatting with e.g. cross legend Tine Bryl is everything. But clearly, it’s not about that. It’s about passion and that moment when a radio listener calls you, be grateful that you put out of the dust an almost forgotten song.

For Carsten Holm the listener comes first: “As a radioist, it’s about being able to pass on music in a way that the listener takes on. So you get touched (…). It’s about having the ability to make room for the listener, which is entirely its own compared to how music radio otherwise sounds”.

Now he makes this little space for us at CWF when he talks to Bisse. Well, we cannot wait to be enchanted in those 25minutes, when Carsten and Bisse are “just” talking about music!