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Join this session with Creativity World Forum's creatives in residence!
Ben & Stephanie have been immersing in Aarhus for a month. This outsider-insider perspective will serve as a canvas for workshops during the two days of the forum.
Check in here to experience an outsider's perspective on Aarhus, work with the city as a template and find place for contemplation in the urban realm.


You are invited to engage in a class of contemplative construction and re-awaken your childhood instinct for den-making.

During a research trip to Aarhus, artist duo Ben & Stephanie have explored the importance of contemplative headspace in the urban environment and its impact upon the wellbeing and creativity of a city’s inhabitants.

Informed by this research, the pair will create an interactive making experience for the Creativity World Forum 2017. Through den-making exercises, participants will be encouraged to consider the questions around how to transform city heritage into a city of opportunities.

Den-making offers a playful way to build and imagine. Instead of the usual rigidity of urban construction there is a creative freedom to den-making where ideas and combinations can be tried, tested, modified and reinvented. Unlike urban design, with den-making nothing is set in concrete and instead, materials can be quickly re-positioned and re-appropriated to suit the individual. Contemplation and creative practise is unique for each of us, we all have our own rituals and shape our environments to suit our needs and desires. A den represents a sanctuary away from the frenetic pace of urban life. It is about gaining some form of control and individual space for creativity – a footing against the swell of urban development.

By encouraging constructive handiwork, the artists will offer the participants a valuable processing space where the themes, ideas and questions raised by the conference can be meditated upon as they build.

During their research trip, the artists will investigate the contemplative spaces, rituals and experiences that the creative community in Aarhus turn to and how the city is shaped to suit the mental wellbeing of its inhabitants. To create a den-making experience truly unique to Aarhus and the Creativity World Forum, the artists will compare the material and construction qualities of rigid, imposed environments with those of a more malleable and DIY spirit, exploring the design contrast between truly public spaces and privately owned public spaces.

Ben and Stephanie are an art and design duo interested in pursuing immersive techniques of research. Recently they have been exploring the theme of contemplation space in the modern age by aiming to provide an antidote to the hysteria and information overload of social media with histolyrical.com. Now, with their research opportunity in Aarhus, they hope to turn these same questions to the developing urban environment.