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Meet a broad church of local culture professionals from Central Denmark Region, all of whom will share their view on building and facilitating hubs that help artists and businesses work closer together and create sustainable and innovative collaborations.
This session will be an engaging, facilitated discussion between Creativity World Forum delegates and Godsbanen in Aarhus, Maltfabrikken in Ebeltoft, Slagteriet in Holstebro, Promus, Aarhus Billedkunstcenter, Performing Arts Platform and Aarhus Literature Center – and their international partners from Trans Europe Halles and Creative Lenses.

ARTS & BUSINESS: Cross-disciplinary strategies and value

Join us for an engaging debate and a co-creating session on how to foster an even stronger market in the intersection between the arts, culture and business. You will meet a great array of local regional stakeholders to the Central Denmark region who will share their insights from building hubs and facilitating activities to help artists and businesses to work closer together. The aim is to create sustainable and innovative collaborations across the region and across disciplines, contribute toward increased employment and settlements in the cities and rural areas and address the developmental downward facing spiral in many rural areas.

In this session, we will go on a collaborative journey to explore and emphasise the social and monetary value that the art-producing sector creates, and make the innovative power of the arts producing sector more accessible and more relevant to other sectors – for example in the energy-, food- or health sector.

During the session we will work on a three-pronged challenge:
How to establish new collaborations and regional business partnerships between artists and businesses and thereby develope new jobs across sectors
How to create opportunities for innovative solutions in the business community through cross-disciplinary collaborations with artists, and
How to create job opportunities and a sustainable working life for artists.

We will have a strong cross-disciplinary focus and explore mutually beneficial relationships between sectors. Our point of departure is a recognised need to dramatically improve our cross sector collaborations throughout the arts and between the arts, the cultural sector, the public sector, the research sector and the business sector.

We will include the emerging understanding between the political level and the art producing level. Therefore, we have a variety of stakeholders from either side in the Central Denmark Region engaged in the session to look at as a tangible example and as a point of departure for the session.

At this session you can meet leading international experts from Trans Europe Halles, and their project Creative Lenses as well as a range of national capacities; Godsbanen in Aarhus, Maltfabrikken in Ebeltoft, Slagteriet in Holstebro, Promus, Aarhus Billedkunstcenter, Performing Arts Platform and Aarhus Literature Center.

Katarina Scott, The Creative Plot
Jose Rodriguez, Trans Europe Halles

Both represent the Creative Lenses project.

The session is curated by HAVE Kommunikation, Urban Goods and Karlbak.