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WHO is this call for?

If you are grappling with either of the three challenges in your work and would like to facilitate a session during the Creativity World Forum 2017, this is for you. We are keen to include as many perspectives as possible and are interested in hearing from designers, entrepreneurs, economists, civil servants, journalists, writers, dancers, archaeologists, chefs, managers, architects, strategists, actors, teachers, Kings and Queens..

WHAT will I need to do?

1. Find out which challenge is closest to your heart – and work and deliberate what your answer would be or how you would want to explore it with a group of delegates during Creativity World Forum 2017.

2. Consider how you would engage delegates. The traditional version of this would be a workshop breakout session kind of thing, and that is very welcome. Yet we are equally excited to see answers to either of the challenges with architectural model building, a guided tour, collaborative writing, co-creating an in-situ performance or or or… The format can be as creative as the subject and we are open for all feasible contributions.

3. Submit your idea for a contribution using the form underneath. We close for submissions 1 April 2017. But feel free to submit earlier – we would love to be hearing from you!

4. If chosen, you will still have time to refine the proposal. And we will be on hand for support.

WHEN is it?

1 or 2 November 2017, 12-3pm

WHY do this?

Contributing with a session to the Creativity World Forum 2017 gives you and your work a unique positioning, both locally and internationally. It is a rare opportunity to interact directly with the crowd coming in and out of Aarhus during the year as Capital of Culture, and you get a chance to open up some of your real-life challenges, test ideas or inspiring formats on a crowd of the international best.

No costs covered.
Any other questions? Check out our quidelines: cwf_contributions-guideline or shoot an email to Alice on alice@cwf2017.com.


Which of the three challenges will you answer with your contribution?
Please describe how you will go about doing that?
Who will facilitate?
Names and titles, links if available
Will you participate in the full conference?
Have you got a venue?
Where is the venue?
How many delegates can you host?
Min. 50, max. 150, please state if you have flexibility
Requirements or wishes
Thanks you
We will contact you shortly
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Get your chance to

..open up some of your real-life challenges, test ideas or inspiring formats on a crowd of the international best.