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Built by passionate creatives

Setting off as the yearly summit of the global network Districts of Creativity, the Creativity World Forum has developed to draw together some of the world’s most inspiring, creative and innovative people. Central Denmark Region has been a member of Districts of Creativity since 2010, and put in the bid to host Creativity World Forum back in 2012.

This 13th Edition of the forum in Aarhus in 2017 will be a two-day experience of creativity in context – a celebration of creativity! 2017 is also the year when Aarhus is the European Capital of Culture and the city will be bubbling with cultural activity throughout.


We are open for new partnerships with companies and organisations who believe in creativity! If you want to be a part of looking in to the future and find what creativity can do for you and the world at large, we would love to hear from you!

Partnering with Creativity World Forum 2017 puts a spotlight on your organisation and is a unique opportunity to be visible and interact directly with the creative crowd coming to Aarhus during the forum. You will get a chance to discuss your real-life challenges or test your ideas and inspiring formats on a crowd of the international best.

Contact Martin Thim martin@cwf2017.com

Central Denmark Region

Central Demark Region has since 2013 been investing wholeheartedly in strengthening the creative environment and supporting creative industries in the region. This has been done by the program More.Creative, which is an ambitious, strategic initiative dedicated to creating business growth and jobs by developing the creative industries to the benefit of Central Denmark Region.

More Creative is led by Central Region Denmark in partnership with Aarhus 2017 to make Denmark a global player in the creative economy. It is our belief that the creative economy is the economy of the future because the creative industries hold the solutions to the challenges of tomorrow. The initiative develops and supports creative business environments and builds bridges to the wider business community in cooperation with regional knowledge institutions. More Creative actively supports four clusters in areas of architecture, design, fashion, and digital visual industries.


A conference is not very sustainable by design: We fly in people from all over the world for a two-day forum. That’s why the meeting between these people has to be important and the outcome has to be worth it all.

We aim to make a great conference and take our local surroundings into account. When you visit Creativity World Forum 2017 we will show you how a conference can be of high quality all the way around – in terms of sustainability by serving ecological local food and beverages, using as much clean energy transportation as possible, printing on reused materials and so on.

Aarhus is heading in one direction, a city of the future. Plans for clean energy are taking major steps and recycling of waste, eco and local production, sustainable building standards is high on the agenda. Furthermore the region is named wind capital of the world. But culture is also playing an important role in the transformation to a better world. Aarhus 2017 has together with Worldperfect and Martin Thim developed the Aarhus Sustainability Model and CWF2017 will obviously use some of these guidelines.

The conference theme is creative resilience. As we se it, creativity is crucial in developing a resilient world. That’s why the question “How to use creativity to develop cities on the rise” is so very important for all of us. More info on the concrete initiatives will come as we get closer to the conference.

For more info on the Aarhus Sustainability Model click here and download the guide for free.


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